Second Quarter Check-In – Goals for 2024

After forgetting to post the first quarter check-in that I wrote at the end of March until yesterday, let’s hope I actually remember to publish this one! The two things that I did make were: I’m only at 5/24 (21%) done this goal and we are 50% of the way through the year. But I’m […] →Read more

First Quarter Check In – Goals for 2024

As I set out to start writing my Q2 check in for 2024, I noticed that my Q1 check in wasn’t on my blog, but I was sure that I’d written one. So I checked my drafts and I had, in fact, written one, but hadn’t hit “publish”. So I’m pushing it now, a full […] →Read more


Hey, remember that time that I went to San Francisco for Kalev’s 40th birthday? Turns out that was a DECADE ago, so it was time for another milestone birthday group trip and this time it was New York City. The Big Apple. The City That Never Sleeps1. This blog posting is going to be epically […] →Read more

Introducing Kingsley Shacklebolt

Much like when Crick died and Watson seemed lonely, so we got Raven as a buddy for him, after Watson died, Raven seemed lonely. So we decided to get her a buddy. We didn’t want to rush it, but decided to casually look at rescue cats online and wait until one of them jumped out […] →Read more

Kid Pile

When I was little and my extended family got together, my dad would make a kid pile. He’d toss me and my sister and all my cousins in a pile and then we’d try to get out of the kid pile and then he’d toss us back onto the kid pile. It was a simple […] →Read more

Watson Snow (2011-2024)

SNOW, Watson – Unexpectedly on Saturday, January 13, 2024 at the age of 12 due to congestive heart failure. Survived by his humans and his sister Ravenclaw and predeceased by his sister Crick. Watson and his sister Crick came to live with their human just 5 days shy of 10 years before his death, and brought […] →Read more

Goals for 2024

Posting this a bit later than usual. I did have my list ready on New Year’s Day, but then wanted to post my goals for 2023 review and my year-in-review and then got distracted. →Read more

2023 Year In Review

Another year with very little blogging means that I’m relying mostly on photos to even remember what I did this year! It was a fairly uneventful year, but with a few big highlights. My New Hobbies The number one highlight of the year for me was learning how to do stand-up comedy. I took a […] →Read more

Goals for 2023 – The Final Report

When I last checked in on my goals, it was July (because – spoiler alert – I did not do my third quarter report, so failed at my goal for doing quarterly reports) and honestly, I didn’t accomplish too many more of my goals than I’d done at that time. I managed to achieve 8 […] →Read more

Safety Tubes

Earlier this year, a professional hockey player died from having their neck sliced by a skate during a hockey game. It generated a lot of talk about making neckguards mandatory – which I think they should have done ages ago. I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to protect their neck in a game with […] →Read more