Goals for 2023 – Quarterly Check-in #1

One of my goals for 2023 was to do quarterly check-ins on how things are going with my goals, and since it’s the end of March, it’s time to do my first check-in. So by posting this, I’m 1/4 of the way complete on this goal at 1/4 of the way through the year – […] →Read more

Finger Update

Remember that time that I amputated my finger? That was a month ago, so I figured it is a good time to write an update on it. Note: I’ll leave the graphic photos to the end, so if you don’t want to see those, don’t scroll down. The descriptions will be slightly graphic, so if […] →Read more

February is a garbage month

I have a new hypothesis and that is that February is a garbage month. I’m accumulating evidence to support this hypothesis and let me tell you that February is really delivering. My dad died in February 2012 and ever since then, the start of February makes me feel a little down until we get past […] →Read more

Happy 6th gymiversary to me! 

Today marks 6 years since I joined Strong Side. I’ve blogged before about the things I love about my gym, so I won’t rehash all that. But I still love it for all the same reasons! In the past year, I managed to hit some personal records (PR). Last summer I asked for a few […] →Read more

I Really Should Not Be Trusted With Knives

I have now well and truly earned my blog title.  At Christmas, we got ourselves a very fancy set of very sharp Japanese knives. I watched videos on how to properly use these very, very sharp knives, but apparently last night I forgot the importance of using a claw grip to hold the food that […] →Read more

Champagne Deathiversary

You know how your champagne birthday is the year where the day of the month of your birthday matches your age? For example, my birthday is Jan 11, so on my 11th birthday it was my champagne birthday.1 Is there such a thing as a champagne deathiversary? According to Google, there is not: So I […] →Read more

Goals for 2023

After a couple of years of being minimalist on my goals, I think it’s high time that I return to my tradition of making a giant list of goals that I may or may not actually do. But that’s OK, because as Dr. Dan says, it’s “less about the outcomes and more about the journey“. […] →Read more

2022 Year in Review

Since I barely blogged anything this year, I figured I might do a little year in review. Since my memory is terrible, I’m mostly relying on my photos and the few blog postings I did write. I had been thinking that nothing happened this year, but now that I’ve had a look at my photos, […] →Read more

New Foods & Drinks Made in 2022

Unlike my reading goals and my other goals, I actually knocked this one out of the park! My goal was to make 22 new foods and drinks goal. I started off the year slow – didn’t make a new food or drink until March! I was at my mom’s and decided to make some Montreal-style […] →Read more

Other 2022 Goals

Like my reading goal for 2022, I did pretty abysmally on all of my 2022 goals except making new foods this year (and so the new foods will get its own blog posting). In addition to reading and cooking, I had goals to: So there is my sad, sad recap of my epic failure on […] →Read more