Goals for 2022

Another year starting amidst a bunch of uncertainty means I’m going with another small list of moderate goals for 2022. In fact, I’m going to use a very similar list to last year, but with a few additions. By the end of 2022, I will have:  made 22 new foods and/or beverages that I’ve never […] →Read more

Goals for 2021 – The Final Report

Since 2020 was a dumpster fire and there was no end in sight, I decided to set modest goals for 2021, because really, how can anyone plan anything amidst an ever changing pandemic? And it was probably a good thing I did because there were enough simultaneous apocalypses, what with the heat domes and floods […] →Read more

Happy 17th Birthday to My Nibling!

My oldest nibling, Madeline, turns 17 today! 17! Hope you have an amazing day, Mad! →Read more

Last week was quite the week.

Floods Massive flooding in BC has had devastating effects on the province. Some places got a month’s worth of rain in the space of 2 days – and southern BC is a rainy place during this time of year, so a month’s worth of rain here is a lot. Massive mudslides and flooding cut off […] →Read more

A bunch of random photos

Apparently I have broken the blogging floodgates with my recent blog postings, because here I am blogging again! I recently got myself a new iPhone because the one that I had was cursed. It was also old and slow and its battery was crap and it was constantly too full so I was always having […] →Read more

Belated Halloween Posting

I have been quite remiss about blogging lately! I remember in October thinking “I should do NaBloMoPo1 again and then somehow it’s halfway through November and I hadn’t posted2. But once I got on my blog to write a posting for my mom’s birthday, that got me thinking that I really should do a posting […] →Read more

Happy Milestone Birthday, Mom!

Today is my mom’s birthday and it’s a milestone one! I’m not going to say which one, but I really hope you have a great day, Mom, and remember, you are only as old as you feel! Age is just a number! The only thing worse than turning [redacted age] is not turning [redacted age]. […] →Read more

Happy Birthday Watson and Introducing Raven

Yesterday Watson celebrated his 10th birthday! It was a bittersweet day, as it was his first birthday that he celebrated alone, without Crick here to celebrate too. It makes me sad that Crick didn’t make it to see double digits. Watson celebrated his big 1-0 with lots of pets and snuggles and crunchy treats, which […] →Read more

Slightly Past Halfway Through The Year Check-In On My Goals

So I only set 4 goals for this year, because trying to make any kind of plans beyond basic things like eating food and reading books back in January, when vaccines were just starting to roll out and everything was still so unknown, seemed like a fool’s errand. So let’s see how I’ve been doing […] →Read more

Light at the end of the tunnel

I can eat indoors at a restaurant with friends. My hockey league has re-started for a summer season. We’re allowed to travel to other regions within the province again – so are planning our usual trip to Kelowna for the August long weekend. My office is working on a plan to get us all working […] →Read more