The Grouse Grind

Decided to do something a little more adventurous than sitting at my computer revising my lit review today. Actually, a whole lot more adventurous… me and my friend Shalu did the Grouse Grind!

“This rigorous 2.9 km (1.8 mile) hike takes you straight up the face of Grouse Mountain. By the time you reach the plateau, your ascent will have gained 853 metres (2,800 feet) – one and a half times the height of Toronto’s CN Tower!”

And let me tell you, they ain’t kidding! I’ve been wanting to do the Grind since forever and since it closes over the winter (once there is snow on the mountain, making it a bit too treacherous, although some people do climb over the fence and do it anyway) and since I could possibly be gone from Vancouver before it opens up again, I thought I’d better just go for it! Shalu & I had been planning to go for about 2 weeks, but today was the first sunny day that both of us were available.

Here’s me about to embark on the climb:

And here we are at the halfway point:

And we finally made it!

Didn’t see any of these fabled black bears though.

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Re: JorgeCancel

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  • Congratulations, lady!

    In other news – I’m heading to Halifax for work this weekend (and it looks like Dave will be coming along). Any idea on how to get a hold of Ms. Robinson??


  • Hey S!

    Check your email — I figured Shelley wouldn’t be too happy if I posted her contact info for the whole world to see.

    Here’s to you, Ms. Robinson…


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