Done and done

I’m typing this posting from my new apartment! I moved! And I survived the move! Sure, I’m surrounded by piles and piles of boxes, into which has been folded/squished/stuffed virtually everything I own, which will probably take me all summer to unpack. And sure my apartment contains the possessions of no fewer than 4 people. And sure my countertop dishwasher is about 16 feet too tall to fit on my new counter. But I’m in my new home and I love it!

Many thanks to Erika, Shalu & Deepak who helped me move all my stuff and did it with smiles on their faces. And to Erika’s dad, who lent his truck! I’m so lucky to have such wonderful and generous friends!

OK, now it’s back to these damn hell thesis revisions, despite the fact that I did not sleep last night. I’ll have plenty of time to sleep when I’m dead, right?

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  • Hooray! for the move being over!!

    Boo! for all the boxes and the ongoing thesis revisions!!

    (You could have borrowed my truck, too, but it would have been a long drive bringing it back.)



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  • I’m glad you’re tucked in safe ‘n sound.

    It’s exciting to be in a new place.

    Have you found any hidden strongboxes of gold yet?


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  • Must be the month for moving. Hope it doesn’t take forever to unpack (give me a little hope that it won’t take forever).


  • Congrats. I know it must be a great sigh of relief to be moved in.

    New places always mean new beginnings for me, I know it sounds campy and trite, but heck, screw it. I can be campy and trite every now and then and get away with it, right?


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