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or Ramblings Thoughts of a (Slightly) Hung Over Bethie

  • thanks to Mary for posting this article about how being a prof is the 2nd best job around! Their rankings were based on stress levels, flexibility in hours and working environment, creativity, and how easy it is to enter and advance in the field, as well as pay and job growth. With my academic stresses of late, I’ve been wondering if I shouldn’t have picked a different career, but this does remind me of some of the benefits.
  • thanks to Di from Stem Cell Technologies who heard my “cries of despair regarding the death of your favourite pen.” I am eagerly awaiting my new pen! Man, I love the internet!
  • Al Gore’s talk at UBC on Thursday was AWESOME! Not only is he a very passionate speaker, but he’s hilarious. The start of his talk, it was like he was doing stand-up comedy! I was very pleased to see that his new movie, An Inconvenient Truth, was in the top 10 at the box office this weekend, despite showing in only 77 theatres. If you have a chance to see this movie, I recommend that you do — if his talk is any indication, the movie will be well worth seeing.
  • I love consignment store shopping. There is no other way that I would be able to own an Armani shirt and a DKNY dress! I bought the dress for the conference I’m going to at UWO, where I will be giving a talk at the banquet and, therefore, needed a new dress. A new dress that goes with my beloved shoes.
  • and speaking of my Armani shirt and beloved shoes, I wore them out to Celebrities last night. On the plus side, there were plenty of hot men to look at. On the down side, they were all gay. Quote of the night was, “Why are there so many gay people in this gay club?”
  • I may have been a little drunk when I said that. As evidenced by the fact that I also said “this food is delicious!” when we were at Denny’s afterwards. Denny’s!! WTF?
  • And speaking of drunk, in my ongoing A.R.M. research, I did not experience any A.R.M. this morning, despite the binge* last night. Tentative conclusion: Denny’s food post-alcohol consumption prevents A.R.M. Side effect of this treatment: you have to eat Denny’s food.
  • I also conducted some A.R.M. research last Saturday (which I know I said I would write about, but never got around too). The pic of me in my sexy shoes is from a BBQ with my (extended) lab group… it was really nice to see everyone, as I don’t see them much since I’ve been writing rather than being in the lab lately. I started the day’s drinking there with a beer (despite the fact that I’m not usually much of a beer drinker).
  • Later that night, I went to a hockey jersey party** at some friends’s place on campus… I’m still waiting on the pics from that event (since I don’t have a digicam, I have to rely on the photos of others), but just picture me in a hockey jersey with that skirt (which is a bit shorter than the jersey) and those shoes. I may or may not have repeatedly told everyone at the party that I bought my shoes on ebay. I may or may not have repeatedly demanded that photos be taken of my shoes. I may or may not have demanded that video be taken of my shoes. I may or may not have told everyone in the room that I painted my toenails silver to match the silver on my Canucks jersey.
  • We played this drinking card game called Kings, which has a very complicated (and ever changing) set of rules, the worst of which is that the person who draws the last King has to drink the cup in the middle of the table, into which everyone has poured a bit of their drink***. When my friend Laura drew the last King, she said, “if drinking this makes me puke, will you guys look after me?” To which I replied “Don’t worry, I’m a responsible adult! I’ll look after you!” On a completely unrelated topic, click here for the definition of the word “irony.”
  • I didn’t experience any A.R.M. the next morning either… Sarah’s theory that puking prevents A.R.M. by removing the A from your system is supported by this evidence, except that I was definitely still drunk after the (relatively minor) puking incident. I’m starting to think that A.R.M. is a very complicated disorder that is going to require A LOT of further study.

OK, those are my rambling thoughts this morning. Now I’m actually going to go out for a run, which I promised myself I would do once I had finished up the thesis revisions!

*the accepted definition of a binge in the alcohol research community is “five or more drinks on one occasion.” Which, on my downward spiral into alcohol dependence and debauchery, doesn’t really seem like that much to me.

**tag line for the party: hockey jerseys required, all other clothing is optional

***Our cup had a mix of various beers, diet Coke & whiskey, ginger & rum (I think it was rum), and nectarine cider. Delish!

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Re: RebeccaCancel

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  • I’ve stopped going to the gay bar here because all the men are prettier than me. I hate that!


  • Five drinks constitutes a binge??!! What kind of pussies made up that rule?

    In my mind, after five drinks, the party has just begun. (Which is why I rarely start drinking – no desire to become an alcoholic, after all.)


  • “Don’t worry, I’m a responsible adult! I’ll look after you!” On a completely unrelated topic, click here for the definition of the word “irony.”

    I peed myself this was so funny.

    As for your definition of a binge, that would mean I am a binge drinker.


  • Hey man, it’s not my definition of binge drinking — that’s the actual, accepted definition in the medical community. So Jorge, you are, in fact, a binge drinker. As is virtually everyone I know!


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