10 Things I Learned On My Trip to Tofino

  1. It’s very cold and icy at 6:35 am in Vancouver and my friends who would get up at that ungodly hour to catch a bus to the ferry to the 3 hour drive for my birthday trip totally rock.
  2. Ice cream products in the vending machine are extremely cold.
  3. BC Ferries have a vegetarian breakfast special, even though it’s not on any of their signage.
  4. Tim’s Horton’s veggie sandwich combo costs $4.23 after tax.
  5. Port Alberni is not nearly as remote as I had been lead to believe.
  6. Surfing is very dangerous and my heirs cannot sue Pacific Surf School should I die while using the equipment that I rented from them.
  7. There is a lake along the drive between Tofino and Nanaimo for which they have been unable to find a bottom.*
  8. My friend Sheila is warm and cuddly.
  9. If you arrive at the ferry terminal at 7 minutes to sailing time, rather than 10 minutes to, they will not let you board and they will make you wait 2 hours until the next ferry. For 3 freaking minutes. Bastards.
  10. Knowing where your surfboard is and thinking you know where you surfboard is are not the same thing insofar as they apply to the duck and cover method of not getting hit in the head with your surfboard.

*At least this is what one person told us on the drive. And we believed him. And I don’t remember where the lake was and no one knew the name of the lake. And yes, this is totally a legit thing that I learned.

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  • Yikes. Sounds like someone (you, perhaps?) gained a bit of a headache from the surfing expedition.

    And that little bit of lake trivia rocks! Now I’m wondering how I could find out if it’s actually true. Things like that make me crazy until I find out the truth!!


  • I did, in fact, get hit in the head with my surfboard… didn’t give me a headache or anything… just meade me feel really stupid in light of the fact that my friend Sheila and I had been saying that morning, “who wouldn’t remember to do duck and cover??” However, the lack of any apparent injury from collision of head and surfboard has not stopped me from blaming my “head injury” (which I sometimes up to “brain injury”) any time I have done or said something stupid in the last few days. Which is a surprising number of times, actually.


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