T-Shirts I Would Buy If I Had A Sugar Daddy

I have a thing for funny t-shirts. In addition to my fan favourite blogging it shirt (from ThinkGeek.com), I also have this one that my sister gave me for my graduation (from Jinx.com):

and this one that my neice gave me for Christmas (not sure where she got it from):

If I ever get a job in a lab again, I’m totally getting this Evil Genius lab coat from ThinkGeek:I’m such a fan of funny t-shirts, that I’ve decided to spread the funny t-shirt love to my wee neice, buying her such shirts as:

And I know that Sarah & Dave are big fans of the T-shirts over at Glarkware.com.

Well, just the other day I stumbled across a T-shirt site that blows all the other T-shirts I’ve seen out of the water: T-Shirt Hell. Here are a few of my favs:

Although I don’t think that map is to scale… Canada looks awfully small relative to the size of the States… I’m guessing this map was drawn by an American.

This one made me laugh:

This one *really* made me laugh:

This one had me rolling on the floor laughing:

And I haven’t stopped laughing about this one since I first saw it the other day:

So if anyone is interested in buying me a present, any one of those shirts would be acceptable. I’m just saying.

In addition to the adult shirts, T-Shirt Hell also has a baby line. If I ever have a kid, I am *totally* getting them this shirt:

and possibly this one too:

Believe it or not, I’m totally not being paid by this site to advertise their wares (although I’m sure it sounds like I am!)… I just thought these shirts were damn funny and had to share them.

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