Wear the Fox Hat

The same radio station that brought you Hump at the Pump has recently had a new contest: “Wear the Fox Hat”* 99 people won the opportunity to wear this silly looking fox hat 24/7… didn’t matter what you were doing – when you slept, when you showered, when you had sex, you had to wear the fox hat… and the one who wore it the longest would win $10,000 and a new car. This gave the radio station plenty of fodder – they sent DJs out to ambush contestants at homes or their place of employment. Some guy was a welder and wore his hat under his welding mask. Some girl quit her job to stay at home and wear the hat.

A subcontest of this contest was that if you saw any of the contestants wearing one of these hats and you got a picture of yourself with them, you could send it in to the radio station and one name would be drawn from all those who submitted photos and that person would get tickets to every concert that CFOX hosts for the rest of 2007.

So, last month on the Aggies trip to Roosters, guess who saw a guy in a fox hat?

I asked him if he really wore his hat all the time, “You really haven’t washed your hair since this contest started? Have you had sex wearing that hat??” He swore that he had never taken it off. And he had a girlfriend and that they had, in fact, had sex while he wore that hat.

My friend Jamie was with me, so we got a pic of her too and we both emailed them into try to win concert tix:

And guess who won??

Not me. And not Jamie. Some guy we never heard of won. Stupid guy we don’t know.

But, I did just hear on the radio that the winner of the $10,000 and the car was none other than hat #84. Take a closer look at those photos. Yup, that guy is wearing hat #84.

*say it aloud. It’s funny, trust me.

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  • the fox hat is good and all, but seeing it perched on the head of my lover would certainly kill my libido. now, if *i* were wearing it… hoooooeey!


  • See I’m the opposite, for example you are pretty but if you were wearing the fox hat then I would pretty much blow a load in my pants.


  • Garrett: Um . . . that was weird.

    Beth: By the time I saw this guy, I would have forgotten about the contest, and spent a lot of time staring at that guy wondering what the hell he was wearing on his head.


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