My Foot Hurts

I suppose that is to be expected when one runs for over two hours straight, covering 21.1 km, all on the same side of the road, which is tilted just enough to screw up one’s foot.

In other marathon news, I saw in the paper that the faster woman in the full marathon, Claudia Camargo, set a women’s record for the fastest completion of the Vancouver marathon, finishing it in 2:35:50. In other words, in just over the time it took me to run 13 miles, she ran 26. She also came in third overall, which is also a first. Way to go, Claudia!

Also, on the cover of the Metro* was a story about a guy who proposed to his girlfriend when she finished the marathon. Isn’t that friggin’ sweet? I think I would like that. If I were ever going to get married again, which I’m not. Unless I run a marathon and then someone proposes to me… then maybe I’d consider it. I’m just saying.

*the free newspaper made famous here in my corner of the blogosphere for deeming me a socialite.

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