What the F is That?

I’ve decided to start an irregular* feature here on “Blog That Needs a New Name” – a feature called: What the F is That?

In this feature, I will put up a photo and the first person to correctly identify what the f is in the photo will win valuable BTNaNN points**.

OK, are you ready? Here’s the first entry. Who can tell me what the f this is:

<img src=”http://farm1.static.flickr.com/200/505148556_a2c42f2278.jpg” alt=”Align Center

And it is so not what you are thinking it is.

Any guesses?

*irregular in that it will not be a daily, or weekly, or monthly feature, but rather will show up based completely on my whims, the availability of weird photos and/or my lack of other ideas of things to blog about.

**those in possession of Thesis Writing is Hell (or Thesis Writing was Hell) points can transfer them to BTNaNN points upon request

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Re: KellyCancel

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  • 🙂 Am I allowed to write what I think it could be? Heh.

    No, I don’t think I am!

    So, my second guess: is it an inverted rain-measuring tool?

    (Whereas my first guess did not include the words “measuring” or “rain” but could have included “tool”.)


  • I’ll go ahead and say what Kelly wouldn’t: “my, that’s rather dildonic”.

    Is it maybe some kind of fan with its propeller wings closed up?

    Context is important, of course. Is it a kitchen device, or are you leading us astray?


  • Could you post a picture of it on its side, with the propellor-y thing facing the camera? Just to get a better idea of what it might be.

    (As of now, I think it looks a little like a paper towel roll of some sort.)


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  • No one is even close yet.

    Darren, it is, in fact, kitchen-related. Although, when in use, it is also meant to be taken with you when you go.

    Rebecca, unfortunately, I cannot take another picture. It belongs to my roommate who has packed it up as she is moving today, leaving me forever =( In fact, the way I got the idea for this feature was because the first time I saw this item, she had left it lying out on the end table in the living room and when I saw it, I was like “omg, wtf is that???”


  • It looks like a water-bottle insert.

    You put them in your freezer to chill them, and then when you go out, you leave it in your water bottle and it extends the cold goodness of your bevvy for hours.

    I could be wrong though.


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  • Yup, Jorge is right! He wins 25 points! Try not to spend them all in one place!

    I like this game! I need to find more strange things to photograph!


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