Stephen Colbert In My Bed

I’m sitting in my bed as I type this. I recently bought some new sheets and they are sooooo soft. Sooooo comfy.

And since I have my laptop with me, I can watch Stephen Colbert clips in my warm, soft, comfy bed.

And recently there have been two clips in which Colbert refers to Canada. And, as all Canadians know, while we pretty much define our national identity as “hey, we aren’t Americans!”, we somehow still love it when American pop culture acknowledges our existence. “Hey, that character in that movie said ‘Montreal’!” “Hey, Wolverine is in Alberta!” So, as a good Canadian citizen, I now share with you two clips of Stephen Colbert talking about his northernly neighbour.

First up, “Smoking Pole: The Fight for Arctic Riches“:

Secondly, we have “Nailed ‘Em: Northern Border“:

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to watch some more of Stephen Colbert in my bed until the drowsy stage of my latest dose of Tylenol 3 kicks in. Oh ya, I suppose I should mentioned that I did, in fact, survive my surgery and I’ve now been freed of four teeth and a heck of a lot of blood. I’ll tell ya all about it tomorrow – I kept meaning to blog about it earlier, but I’m all loopy on the meds and would forget that I meant to do it in the time it took me to open a new browser tab to open up Blogger. Or I’d fall asleep. Which I think I might do soon now, the drowsiness seems to be setting in.