Xmas Party’s?

Went to Nevermind, my favourite place to see Canucks games, to watch my beloved Canucks kick some Calgarian ass1,2 tonight. While the portabella mushroom burger at Nevermind is delish, their grammar leaves something to be desired:


Nevermind, perhaps you should go back to putting up signs about Chuck Norris.

1See you in hell, Calgary.
2The cardiac Canucks pulled one of their patented let-the-opponents-score-2-goals-in-like-5-seconds-to-make-it-a-one-goal-game-and-give-Beth-a-coronary moves in the third period. But they managed to hang on for the win, so I still love them and would have all of their babies upon their request.

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Re: KalevCancel

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  • This is, I think, my most hated grammar pet peeve: the formation of the plural with the possessive apostrophe! Are people just fucking morons or what? Why would you use something MORE complex (i.e. with more characters) to make a plural when all you need to add is a ‘s’?

    It’s even worse than confusing it’s and its, because at least there the use of the apostrophe is ambiguous.


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