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First off, welcome to my new digs here on WordPress. Update your feeds, blogrolls, bookmarks, rolodexes, stone tablets or however the heck you remember where I am. Because I know that you don’t want to miss a single update on my nylons.

Secondly, I’ve recently become obsessed with what I wear when I’m teaching. I gave my students a little questionnaire in the first class to get a sense of the background & experience in the area of nutritional assessment and also I included the question “Tell me something about yourself that doesn’t have anything to do with school.” I think that it’s nice to get to know your students a bit, which is hard to do when you have a class of 100, and this is a my little attempt to do that. A lot of people told me about hobbies they have, sports they play, places they’ve traveled and the like. And one person wrote that I dressed “too nice for lecturing.” I wasn’t really sure if this was meant as a compliment (i.e., “you dress nice”) or an insult (i.e., “you are trying *way* too hard, Loser”), but I’ve decided that I’ll believe it’s the former. And, now, of course, I need to keep up with this reputation as the best dressed instructor of 20081.

So here’s a picture of my outfit from class #2. Apparently posting what I wear to class is becoming kind of a thing here on NTBTWK. Which may just be an excuse for me to need to buy more clothes once I get through all my current outfits.

1Which may or may not be completely in my head.

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  • Goodness why did you switch to WordPress? I bet that means I can’t subscribe to comments on your entries anymore. 🙁

    Anyway, now that you have, can you start hyperlinking all your many footnotes so I can get to their explanatatory verbiage easily?


  • I added a link on the side bar to subscribe to comments… just for you, Kalev!

    Why would WordPress mean that I can hyperlink the footnotes, as opposed to Blogger? I could totally do that in Blogger… I even did it once but it was such a pain that I don’t bother any more.


  • Regarding hyperlinking footnotes, you use so many I just though you might appreciate doing it for your vast audience’s peace of mind. I bet there’s some kind of add-on that would make it a snap.

    Regarding subscribable comments: yay! Thank you! Of course, I didn’t know you had for a while because I initially couldn’t subscribe.

    Regarding Twitter: you’re just forcing me to join. *sigh* Oh fine, as long as I don’t have to live and breathe it.


  • TOTALLY true, what you wear as a teacher is extremely important. Just think, 100 people in a lecture with nothing to do but stare at you. And being young and short just compounds the problem. I used to dress up too much too…for high school but there were times where people would walk into the room and not be able to find the teacher. You look great in that pic!


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