Back at the start of the season, I downloaded the Canucks schedule into my Palm Pilot calendar. I’ve done this for previous seasons, but this year as an added bonus instead of just offering a download of the dates & times of the games like they did last year, the Canucks set up their schedule through Infuzer, a program that not only puts all the games into your calendar, but downloads updates after the date passes. So, after a game has been played, the next time I synch my Palm, the calendar item will tell me what the score was and, if I read the attached notes, I get a little game summary as well. Which was pretty freaking cool. I say “was” because something went awry with this system while I was in Ontario for the holidays.

The system was working fine at first – it even updated the times of the games to reflect that I was in a different time zone. But after that, it just stopped updating. The last game it updated was the Canucks 5-0 win over the Devils on Dec 18. Since then, no updates. When I returned to Vancouver, it didn’t even update to reflect that I was back in my beloved Pacific time zone, saying instead that home games started at 10 p.m. I just uninstalled and reinstalled Infuzer, and it has now at least fixed the the time zone thing, but updates on game scores are nowhere to be found.

Has anyone out there ever used Infuzer for Canucks (or any other) schedule? Had any problems with it? And suggestions on how to make it work. With the whole uninstall/reinstall thing, I’ve pretty much exhausted all my computer-fixing skills.

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