The Tale of the Two Blue Bottles

This bottle contains eye makeup remover:I keep it on my bathroom counter with my contact lens solution, toothpaste and other items that I use everyday.

This bottle contains astringent, which for the uninitiated is, according to, “a cosmetic that cleans the skin and constricts the pores” and “harshly biting; caustic“:

I keep it in the cupboard under the sink, because I don’t want to mix it up with my eye makeup remover1 and accidentally put this stuff on my eyes. That would hurt.

Guess who accidentally left bottle #2 on the countertop? And guess who came this close to putting astringent in her eyes, where “this close” = raising an astringent-soaked cotton ball to within a few millimeters of her eyelid, before realizing it was not eye makeup remover after all?

1Because they are both blue2 and really, that’s enough of a similarity for me to mix them up, despite the bottles looking completely different.

2Being blue, they both actually match my bathroom tiles3, which I didn’t really notice until I took this picture.

3Also while taking this picture, I noticed that the majority of the products in my bathroom come in blue packages – my hairspray, my antiperspirant, my contact lens solution, my toothpaste, my deep cleansing cream – all blue! Did some marketing person decide that all toiletry packages should be blue? Or do I just gravitate towards, and thus purchase, things packaged in blue?

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  • Well, remember all those maxi-pad and diaper commercials, when showing product tests, always use blue water instead of anything resembling what the thing is really supposed to absorb. Not that anyone wants to look at menstrual blood or pee on TV, but even so…

    I guess blue just means sterile/antiseptic/clean. Although now you have me worried… Too many similar bottles in the cabinets. Good thing you noticed in time.

    I haven’t done anything so bad in terms of toiletries, beyond maybe mixing up conditioner and moisturizing shower soap. I did, however, get confused over pill samples from the doctor’s and ended up giving myself tranquilizers when I thought I was taking pain meds for menstrual cramps. Well, at least they relaxed me.


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  • Things Dan has had the misfortune of confusing*

    Shaving cream vs Styling Mousse
    Hand cream vs soap (these don’t look ANYTHING ALIKE!)
    Orange juice vs Soy Milk (ditto)
    Coffee vs Sugar (um, ya – coffee added to oatmeal instead of sugar – great way to start the day)
    My jeans vs Lara’s jeans (oh first year adventures…)
    My glasses vs My eyes

    le sigh!

    * I blame lack of sleep or retinal damage or just plain stupidity


  • Once I got out of the shower and spread shower gel all over me instead of moisterizer. Then I got into the car that was warming up (it was -30 degrees that day)and my friend michelle and I were going to drive to class. I was all itchy scratchy and couldn’t figure out why! Till it dawned on me and I had to jump out of the car for another shower leaving my poor friend to wait for me….


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