She Has A Name!

It’s just a week shy of her 1st birthday and I’ve finally given her a name.  I hadn’t thought about her lack of name in a while, but yesterday morning as I left for work, the perfect name just hit me, right out of the blue!

She’s full of useful information and constantly gives me reminders of things I should be doing.  And so I have decided to name my Palm Treo Smartphone: Hermione.

6 Replies to “She Has A Name!”

  1. You know… that’s actually kinda fitting. For you and your crazy need to name electronics.

    Of course, Hermione has to be one of the most awful names in all of creation. Antigone, yes. Hermione, blech.

  2. After hearing that you have named your Treo Hermione, I am tempted to name my iPod Dylan. Just ’cause I love that name. Thoughts?

  3. @Kalev – The name Hermione rocks!

    @Raul – You are free to name your iPod anything you like. Except Marla, because that’s my iPod’s name.

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