Knee Injury Update

Today on the bus, a guy tapped me on the shoulder1 and said, “You know what would clear that knee up? Turmeric. You know, the spice?” Um, ok. I actually thought my knee was healing quite nicely.

One day after the epic knee scraping
One day after the epic knee scraping
After 13 days of healing
After 13 days of healing

And really, what would help it clear up is refraining from picking at the scab2.

1I was listening to my iPod at the time, so he to do this to get my attention.
2Too much information?

3 Replies to “Knee Injury Update”

  1. My suggestion:
    Saint Meniscus Patella of Cartilage, Patron Saint of Knee Boo-Boos.

    I thought I was being super duper hilarious and excessively clever by creating a patron saint of knees. But then I googled and found the following:

    Notice under ‘Patronage’ – item 3. Also, the picture made me giggle.

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