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BarCamp 2008

Spent the morning in the WordCamp section of BarCamp Vancouver, a session talking about all things WordPress.  As you can tell from my URL, my blog is on and I have been very happy with WP ever since I moved over from Blogger back in January.  But the more of these WordCamp type events I go to – and the more other bloggers I talk to – the more I realize that I need to move towards self-hosting.  There are just so many fun plugins that users get to play with.  Suppose I’ll need to look into where I should have my site hosted (suggestions welcome!).

Now I’m in the “What is a Co-op?” session. The idea here is the gauge the interest developing a tech co-op. As you may or may not know, I’m a big fan of co-ops.  I dumped my old bank1 to move to a credit union. I am a member of the Car Co-op. So I’m interested in finding out what the thoughts are on creating a co-op of techies.

1Well, pretty much dumped it. I have to keep my student loans with the bank, because if I move them elsewhere, then they wouldn’t be “student” loans anymore and since interest on student loans is tax-free, it’s in my interest to keep that student loan status. Once those loans are paid off, I’ll be able to be free of the bank!


Hockey Hotties – Now With Photos!

In preparation for this afternoon’s hockey pool draft, I decided I should figure out what position all the hotties on my list actually play, given that we need to have one goalie and to pick a certain number of defenseman. And then I thought I should have photos of these boys handy to help me to decide during the draft. Here is the result of that research!

Rick DiPietro, NY Islanders
Mikko Koivu, Minnesota Wild
Taylor Pyatt, Vancouver Canucks
Left Wing

(note: scores points for his pretty blue eyes)

Zach Parise, NJ Devils

Zach Parise by jenkang75

Left Wing 24 No

Scottie Upshall, Philadelphia Flyers

Scottie Upshall by neat1325Scottie Upshall by neat1325

Right wingloses points for going by the name “Scottie” 24 No

Brendan Morrison, Anaheim Ducks


Centre 33 hell no

Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins

crosby-3.jpg Sidney Crosby image by frogger00_mcr

Centre 21 hell yeah

Mattias Ohlund, Vancouver Canucks

Defense 32 No
Mike Comrie, NY Islanders Centre 28 No
Benoit Pouliot, Minnesota WildMe610x.jpg Left Wing 21 Yup

Vincent Lecavalier, Tampa Bay Lightning

2787753030077758815 by kaatiya

Centre 28 No

Mark Bell, Toronto Maple Leafs


Left Wing 28 No, but apparently he has recently been in jail

Jarome Iginla, Calgary Flames

Jarome Iginla by Dinur

Right Wing 31 No

Paul Gaustad, Buffalo Sabres

Goose in Black and White by valorfaerie

Centre 26 No
Martin St. Louis, Tampa Bay Lightning


Right Wing 33 No

Martin Biron, Philadelphia Flyers

Me and Martin Biron by valorfaerieMartin Biron by valorfaerie

Goalie 31 No

Joffrey Lupul, Philadelphia Flyers

Joffrey Lupul by neat1325Joffrey Lupul is Bringing Sexy Back. by Alipyon

Right Wing 25 No

Derek Roy, Buffalo Sabres

MMM, Derek Roy;) by Alygirl20

Centre 25 No

Brad Isbister, Ottawa Senators

Brad Isbister by John Bollwitt

Left Wing 31 No

Markus Naslund, New York Rangers

Markus Naslund Models the Vancouver Canucks' New Uniform by sillygwailo

Left Wing 35 Nu uh

Georges Laraque, Montreal Canadiens

Georges by ztil301

Right Wing 31 No

Kris Letang, Pittsburgh Penguins

080228 Kris Letang by Dan4th

Defense 21 Uh, yeah
Mike Komisarek, Montreal Canadiens

Mike Komisarek.jpg

Defense 26 No
Josh Gorges, Montreal Canadiens

Josh Gorges 4-15-06.jpgJosh Gorges by pointnshoot.

Defense 24 No
Jason Pominville, Buffalo Sabres

Jason Pominville

Right Wing 25 No
Jonathan Toews, Chicago Blackhawks

Jonathan Toews by dtkindler

Centre 20 Indeed
Patrick Kane, Chicago Blackhawks

Right Wing 19 Yikes!
Dustin Brown, LA Kings

Dustin Brown by nicholeglaze

Left Wing 23 No. Just squeaks by the cutoff age!
Carey Price, Montreal Canadiens

Goalie 20 Yes

Sheldon Souray, Edmonton Oilers

Defense 32 No
Craig Rivet, Buffalo Sabres

Craig Rivet by Dinur

Defense 34 No

Thanks to all the wonderful readers who suggested hockey hotties for me to consider.

I’ll be sure to let y’all know who ends up on my team o’hotties!

1Where “jailbait” = below my cougar age
2Out of curiosity, given that all the suggesters were not my usual commenters – how did you find my blog?.

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