Babe for Obama

Sorry. Couldn’t resist that title after the title of my earlier post.

As you can see, I wore my democratic blue shirt today, in honour of Barack!

Just over half an hour left ’til the first polls close in the eastern United States and the results start pouring in.  To my American readers: thanks to all of you who voted for Barack Obama!!

In addition to the results of this historic presidential election, the results of a number of items on the ballots, including Propositions 8, 2 and 102 in California, Florida and Arizona, respectively, which, if passed, would ban gay marriage in those states, and Amendment 48 in Colorado, which would “define all fertilized eggs as full human beings with constitutional rights” (Source) are of interest to me.

Am hoping to get out to an Obama victory celebration tonight, but work is crazy busy, so we’ll see how productive I am in the next few hours!  Otherwise, I’ll be working this evening with one eye on the Internets!

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  1. So. excited! So. Cautiously. Optimistic…

    I cannot wait to see the results – 4 mins until all of IN closes!

    I am crossing every crossable appendage right now. If this goes pear-shaped like in 2004, I cannot even console myself with drink.

  2. So, if I worked at a fertility clinic and was carrying a petri dish of fertilized eggs* and just happened to trip and drop them while I was dancing around listening to music on my iPod**, would I be charged with involuntary manslaughter?

    * please excuse my ignorance if eggs aren’t carried in petri dishes – instead, insert the appropriate transportation medium.
    ** as I’m wont to do.

  3. As a political liberal from the Land of Lincoln, I extend many thanks for your distinctive confluence of general hotness and cross-border solidarity. I spent the evening at an unexpectedly small gathering, and I demanded that no one raise a glass until the media consensus put both Pennsylvania and Ohio into the blue column. Most of my local friends were much more confident, but I believe I shared some of the darkest concerns of skeptics regarding the American political process.

    In my little city (pop. 33,000, 2:1 for Barack Obama to the Senate in 2004, but also 2:1 to retain George W. Bush for President that year) I found it telling how many were wearing blue shirts at the polling place. The host of tonight’s party was not even aware that his blue shirt might have a political connotation, but most of the guests joined me in showing up purposefully blue-clad.

    The road ahead will not be easy for us, but at least we have finally resolved as a nation that forward progress is the way we wish to go. Now I have to gather a data point on the effects of being political inspired on the incidence of beer-related hangover. Still, this is the happiest piece of history I have personally witnessed, and I’m glad to share the experience with anyone else who digs it.

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