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My Best Excuse Yet

So, Sunday is the day that I’m supposed to write my entry in my BC Premier series1.  And I know you are dying to hear about all the high jinks2 that Charles Augustus Semlin, the 11th Premier of BC, got up to during his crazy3 time in office. But I have a very good excuse as to why I’m not writing my entry today:

IMG_4374 by you.

My wrist hurts.  In fact, it’s hurt since last week’s hockey game, when I think I must have fallen on it funny.  And, since it’s my right hand that hurts – the hand I write with, the hand I mouse with – I haven’t really rested it during the past week. And now, after tonight’s hockey game4, it hurts more.  So I’ve made the drastic move of wrapping it in a tensor bandage. And I have plans to sleep with an ice pack (which I also did last week).  And I’m typing this with one hand.

And thus, I am not doing tonight’s scheduled entry in my BC Premier Series.  But that’s a pretty good excuse, right?

1And I do at least 50% of the time.
2I have no idea if there were high jinks, as I have not yet done my blog posting on him.
3Similarly, I have no idea the level of craziness, if any, of his time in office.
4Which we won 4-0, btw.

5 Responses to My Best Excuse Yet

  1. Raul says:


    I can’t believe you hurt your hand. It’s such a bad omen! I hate injuries the night before Monday! 🙁

    Get well soon 🙂


  2. Beth says:

    What? On omen? And isn’t “the night before Monday” just “Sunday”?

  3. Dave says:

    That’s a very interesting expression you have in that picture. Do you have a name for it? Is that “Blue Steel?”

  4. Beth says:

    Magnum, actually.

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