Where Do You Read My Blog?

So, after movin’ on up to the self-hosted side, and spending far too much time picking (and then tweaking) a theme, I’m wondering how many people actually come to my blog itself to read my blog postings and how many people never even see my pretty shoe-embellished pages because they read it elsewhere.  Hence, a poll:

[poll id=”2″]

If you are reading this through either Facebook or an RSS feed, I think you need to come to my actual blog to participate in the poll.  Just go to http://www.nottobetrustedwithknives.com/blog/2009/01/25/reading-my-blog-pollreading-my-blog-poll/ and vote in the poll!

5 Replies to “Where Do You Read My Blog?”

  1. Technically, I am notified via RSS and then make the leap to the page; that way I can comment if the urge arises. Otherwise, I just enjoy the pages as the RSS feed lacks colour and other forms of Beth related panache.

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