The Many Google Searches For Sheldon Souray

While goofing around with setting up the WordPress Stats plugin for my new blog yesterday, I happened to look at the stats for my old site.  And noticed that I had a ridiculously high number of hits yesterday.  Like, ridiculous.  Like 645 hits (compared to my usual 150 or so) ridiculous.

It didn’t take too much sleuthing to figure out why this happened.  Two words: Sheldon Souray.  Search engine terms that landed people on my blog yesterday include:

  • Sheldon Souray – 247 hits
  • gorgeous Sheldon Souray – 5 hits
  • Sheldon Souray wife – 4 hits
  • sheldon sourray [spelled incorrectly] – 2 hits

and it goes on like this.

So, I asked myself, what did hockey hottie Sheldon Souray2 do to warrant the flurry of Google searchs for pictures of his gorgeous self and inquiries about whether or not he has a wife (which is what we all know the “Sheldon Souray wife” search is about)?

Well, Sheldon scored two goals in the All-Star game, that’s what.  And I’m sure that had a number of people thinking “Just how hot is this Souray guy?” and “Can I marry him?”   Sheldon also competed in the hardest shot competition at the All-Star Weekend3.

Incidentally, this means I’ve now accomplished number 85 on my 101 list: “break my current record of 460 blog views in a day.” The 460 views were also due to my hockey hotties list. Clearly I need to spend more time posting about hot hockey players.

So thank you, Sheldon Souray, for scoring two goals while the world was watching.  You’ve really helped my blog numbers, which, I’m pretty sure, is the sole reason you scored those goals.

Update: I wrote that post yesterday and mean to post it when I got home from hockey, but I was too tired. So tonight when I got home from work I decided to check again and saw that even more people landing on my blog by searching for Sheldon today than yesterday:

This graph is for a major crash when everyone stops searching for Shel, probably by tomorrow. That’s gonna suck.

1In unrelated, and rather inexplicable, news someone also landed on my blog yesterday by searching “collection of urine sample in pigs pictu”
2Damn. When I went to link to my Hockey Hotties – Now With Pictures posting on my new blog, I discovered that my new way-too-narrow blog theme b0rked my table in that posting. I’ll have to fix that at some point.
3Now searches for “Sheldon Souray hard” will land you on my blog. I’m just sayin’.

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  • The biggest surge of traffic I ever got, in a blog that is 95% ponderous essays, emerged from a piece on the game Civilization IV. It made the headlines at a major fan site, and within a week I’d had as many visits to that document as the grand total for the entire rest of the blog. If I succeed in my plans to have a non-lazy February, writing-wise, I think I’ll put at least one entertainment/media piece up there each week. If a phenomenon is popular enough and you have something original to say about it, I suppose it will tend to draw in all sorts of people who would otherwise not encounter a particular blog.


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