What Should I Put On My Homepage?

I’m soliciting ideas of what I should put on my homepage here at drbethsnow.com.

Right now is says “Welcome to my new home at drbethsnow.com!” and has a couple of buttons (or widgets or whatever the heck you want to call those things).  But I feel like I really should have something of more substance there.  The question is: what?

Any thoughts?

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  • Your blog should be your home page. The most frequently updated stuff should be right up front, and the blog is that. Otherwise the home page will just seem like some sort of awkward placeholder or splash page. If people want to know more about you, have an About page they can get to from the home page blog.

    Sites that follow this model, at least in some form? The new whitehouse.gov. engadget.com, stephenfry.com, and oh, my own site. It works!


  • It should have your thesis and a long essay about why I’m awesome.

    Well, at least the former. 🙂

    And it definitely shouldn’t have comments. WordPress is so moronic for even giving the option for people to comment on pages. *sigh*


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