I Enjoyed Laser Eye Surgery So Much, I’m Doing It Again!

So, a while back I mentioned that, after having a few weeks of 20/20 vision after my laser eye surgery, my vision had regressed.  Well, it seems it has regressed far enough that I need to get “retreated.”  Yeah, like go through the surgery again.  Fortunately, as long as I do it within a year of the first surgery, I don’t have to pay for it again.

My vision isn’t that terrible – I mean, I’ve been functioning pretty much fine without any glasses, a feat that used to be unimaginable.  Before my surgery, I had a prescription in the -7 to -8 range in each eye, meaning that I couldn’t see anything past about half a foot in front of me.    My prescription now has regressed from the perfect vision I had immediately post-surgery to a -1.25 in my right eye and a -2.0 in the left.  With this level, I find there are a few situations where I notice things are fuzzy: driving at night, I can’t easily read the signs with the street names on them; going to a movie theatre, I need to sit a bit closer than I used to; walking down long hallways in the hospital (I work in a hospital), I really notice that I can’t see signs that I used to be able to.  Apparently needing retreatment is common in someone who was as blind as I was and the second surgery is less stressful (as you’ve been through it before), heals more quickly (not that healing time was a problem for me) and much more likely to result in perfect vision post-surgery that won’t regress.  *fingers crossed*

My surgeon wants me to wait until it has been 9-12 months post-surgery, just to make sure that my vision has stabilized.  It’s just approaching the six month mark, so I will have to live with my slightly impaired vision for another three to six months.  And I’ve decided to get a cheap pair of glasses to tide me over.  I know, I know!  I’m going back to my four-eyed-ness!

Of course, my extended health only pays for $225 for glasses/contacts every two years and I’m not up for more money until August 2009 – exactly when I won’t need them anymore!  As luck would have it, though, Karen told me about a place on the Internets where you can buy good quality glasses for ridiculously cheap.  Like $40 cheap.  It’s called Goggles4u and she’s had good luck with getting glasses from them, so I thought I’d give it a try.  You have to measure an old pair of glasses to figure out what size of frame will fit you and then you can upload a picture of yourself and “try on” the different pairs of glasses.  Here’s a few of the ones I tried on:


OK, that last one I tried on just for giggles.  Seriously, though, guess which pair I decided to purchase?

I’ll let you know how they work out when I get them (expected in about 10-14 days).

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