DNA Dating

In addition to a dating site for finding someone to have an affair with (which, apparently, is actually just a front for a prostitution site), you can also use science to find your perfect match:

scimatch by you.

My favourite part of the site is this:

scimatch2 by you.

Only $995 for a lifetime membership.  Why would you need a lifetime membership if they are able to find your perfect match using DNA tests?  Isn’t that pretty much telling you their system doesn’t work?

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  • I suspect there are people in this world who would find it ideal to have a lifelong parade of different partners to date. When it comes to the extra-marital affair site, that raises more obvious problems. The honest open marriage is to marriages in general as wild adult albino field mice are to field mice in general. While it is reasonable to infer from a marriage an expectation of committed monogamy, that is a much less certain inference from participation in a dating service.

    For educated people equipped with measures of philosophy and psychology, it is not really such a challenge to be honest and respectful in intimate relationships. Even among holders of degrees, that sort of education is rare. For a teen with the unfortunate upbringing of Bristol Palin, even the first glimmers of such enlightenment are simply inaccessible.

    Keep in mind, Bill Clinton, regarded by many (though not myself) as a strongly liberal President, acted almost overnight to fire Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders for nothing worse than conceding to a reporter that educating teens about masturbation would reduce levels of risky sexual behavior. The old Puritan cults may be largely defunct, but their legacy continues to hobble U.S. (and perhaps to some degree Canadian) discourse in a range of areas, including human sexuality.

    To a young mind beat down with the club of retrograde theology, it must seem impossible to reconcile virtue with perfectly natural desires. The value of commitment to a healthy pair bond can be appreciated, but not so much if shrouded in some smoke screen about a giant invisible old man peering down from the heavens to cast eternal judgement on each of us for our most fleeting thoughts as well as our actual deeds.

    Personally, I suspect ScientificMatch.com uses genetic analysis as a pretense to charge substantial fees for nothing more than the usual computerized date matching service. Yet I also suspect a substantial percentage of dating service customers are searching less for a soulmate and more for some sort of sexual buffet. Because culture and public policy force a majority of Americans to stumble around in the dark for years between the changes of puberty and a context in which (often only by personal initiative) real sex education is available, it is no wonder that a substantial population of adults do not pursue the fulfillment of honest respectful commitments to intimate monogamy. That is a compelling argument for favoring rational ethics over fairy tale thinking on morality, but the context to grasp such an argument remains sadly rare.

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