My Pet Peeves Today

  • People who correct you on totally inconsequential matters. Like when I went into Tim Horton’s and ordered a “multi-grain” bagel. The cashier gives me a look of confusion and then says, with a tone of superiority in her voice “You want a 12 GRAIN bagel?”  Yes, 12 is many, multi, lots of different grains.  Honestly, why do you think the name “12 grain” is sooo sacred it must not be called a lowly “multigrain”?
  • People who take the elevator up one flight.  My office is in the 6th floor.  I usually take the stairs, unless I’m carrying something heavy.  And on those occasions, there’s almost always someone taking elevator up one flight.  One freaking flight. Seriously people – take the stairs!
  • People who stand at the front of the bus when there is plenty of room at the back of the bus.  I can’t count how many times I’ve seen a bus drive by a stop where people are waiting because the bus driver thinks the bus is full because people are too damn lazy to talk a few step to the back.