The Latest Stories Of The Cuteness Of My Niece

Story #1

My niece alternates holidays with her parents.  One year she spends Christmas morning with her mom (i.e., my sister) and Easter morning with her dad, and the next year it’s switched around the other way.  This year she spent Easter morning at her dad’s place and she was concerned.  How was the Easter Bunny going to know that she’d be at her dad’s place on Easter morning?  No problem, my sister told her: we emailed the Easter Bunny to tell him.

Story #2

My mom sometimes picks up my niece from daycare (which she calls “school”) if my sister and her bf are busy, but she hasn’t had occasion to do so in a while.  My niece says, “Why doesn’t Grandma pick me up from school anymore?”  And then she think s more about it. “Why doesn’t Aunt Beth ever pick me up from school?”  (My niece lives in Toronto. I live in Vancouver). My sister tells her that Aunt Beth lives very far away and it takes about 5 hours on an airplane for me to get from my home to her school.  Apparently, however, this is not a good enough excuse. “She could just fly here for two times.”