Half Marathon #3 – Complete!

Quick note to say that I survived the half marathon and came in at a not unrespectable 2:25:17.  It’s 6 minutes longer than my personal best and much better, not surprisingly, that my last attempt at a half where I hurt my foot and had to limp the last 6 km.  And considering that I’m totally sick right now1, I’m OK with being a bit slower than 2 years ago.

Last night I came down with a sore throat and a bit of a cough and as I ran the race, I just didn’t have the energy to keep up with Alicia, so eventually I told her to go on ahead of me because I felt really bad holding her back when she was so full of energy!  She would have had a better time if she hadn’t had to slow down for me for much of the race before we went our separate ways, but she came in at a very respectable 2:20:41.

Anyway, I’ve been pretty much sick as a dog all day today – had a several hour nap and haven’t done anything more taxing that walking to the kitchen (although mostly Tod’s been getting me food, beverages and Buckley’s Mixture so I’ve barely even done that).  The sore throat and cough have been joined by a fever, general achiness and extreme tiredness, although some of those last two symptoms may be due to having run 21.1 frickin’ km.  Seriously, even just typing this out has made me exhausted, so I’ll have to share the rest of my half marathon adventures with you another time.  Here’s a teaser: water stations staffed by Scientology volunteers. Also, tiaras.

1Probably not the swine flu. *fingers crossed*.