A few random things

  • Remember how my couch cloned a pen?  While my desk at work is now in on the act – where once there was a single blue highlighter, now there are TWO:

IMG_4945 by you.

Seriously, I have no memory of taking two blue highlighters from the supply closest. Yet there are two blue highlighers on my desk!

  • Although I suppose it’s possible that it wasn’t the desk, but rather the new computer who is doing the cloning.  The new computer who I’ve named Chloe after Chloe O’Brian on 24:

my new desk & computer by you.

  • Chloe has been giving me some trouble.  I got her just more than a week ago and for the first week and a day I had her, she wouldn’t load my roaming profile.  After countless phone calls to I.T. and a process that was complicated by the fact that the email name change1 I applied for came through in the middle of all this, the problem was finally fixed… and somehow my email can no longer receive emails from people outside the organization.  I think Chloe may be possessed.
  • I may have bought two pairs of shoes yesterday.  It may be a bad thing that I discovered a Payless Shoe Store right next door to my office building.

sandals by you.IMG_4961 by you.

  • There are about 50 billion little green flying bugs that appear to have taken up residence in the bushes next to the door to my apartment.  They attack me every time I enter or leave my place. They don’t bite – they just fly at me.  It’s very weird.
  • 9 times out of 10 when I intend to type “interested,” I type “interesting” instead.  “I am interesting in getting some information from you about your program” or “I am interesting in applying for the position of scientist/social engineer/model with your company.” I think, deep down, I just think I’m interesting.
  • As you may have noticed, Smart cars are very small.  Like, they pretty much don’t have any hood beyond the front windshield, and there’s no trunk beyond the back window. Yet when I’m trying to park the car, I always think I’m really, really close to the car in front or behind me (when I’m actually several feet away from it) because I’m used to regular cars where the hood does extend further out.  My friend Jen B. coined a term for this: phantom hood syndrome.
  • Only in Vancouver will you find something like this:

hippie chips by you.

1I was originally assigned an email address with my real first name, Mary, in it. But since I’ve never, ever, ever gone by Mary, no one would ever find me in the directory with that name and it would cause no end of problems, so I submitted an application to have my email account changed to say “Beth” instead.