Any one have any recommendations for a new digital camera? And then some other stuff.

I have somehow managed to smash the screen on my digital camera.  When I turn the camera on, it looks like this:

Photo_061409_002 by you.

Sorry for the blurriness of this. I took it with my cell phone camera. Because, really, how else are you going to take a picture of your camera?

I have *no idea* how I managed to smash the screen.  I’ve been carrying my camera around in my bag for *years* and it’s always been fine and then one day I take my camera out of my bag and it’s all smashed!  It’s really annoying because the camera works totally fine otherwise, but the point of having a digital camera is that you get to see the photo you just took right away and you can’t really do that with a smashy smashed screen.

So I’m looking for recommendations for a new digicam, since apparently it will cost more to fix the screen than it will to buy a new camera!  This one is a Canon PowerShot A540 and my two major complaints with it are that (a) it takes a long time to reset in between photos (I mean a looooong time) and (b) it sucked the life out of batteries – to the point that I would put in freshly recharged batteries (it takes two doube A batteries) and it would tell me it had “low batteries.”  And even if I bought the super-mega-specially-made-for-cameras-that-suck-the-life-out-of-batteries batteries, they wouldn’t last very long.  So, does anyone have any recommendations on what digital camera I should buy that won’t suck the life out of batteries and won’t take 27 hours between shots to reset?

In tangentially related news, while retrieving that photo of my camera, I discovered a few other photos that I’d taken on my cell, clearly with the intention to blog them, but then totally forgot. Until now.

First up is this photo of the first load of groceries I got in my Smart car:

Photo_051509_001 by you.

Notice my responsible use of reusable bags and my feeding of my diet Pepsi addiction.

Second are photos of a book that caught my eye one day in Chapters.  Apparently this is what is “new & hot” for 9-12 year olds:

Photo_050809_001 by you.

Let’s take a closer look at that:

Photo_050809_003 by you.

I’m sorry, what?  Am I the only one who is thinking of this when they see that title?  I think I just thew up a little.

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  • I have always, always loved the Canon Elph cameras… they are great point and shoot, and super-small so you can keep them in your pocket during social events. They also make me look like I can take good photos, which is impressive.


  • This all depends on your budget and what you want to carry. Digital SLRs have gotten shockingly cheap and the batteries last FOREVER, but they’re big and bulky, If you don’t mind that, get a Nikon D40. Only around $460 with lens.

    The Canon Elph SD880 is a great small point-and-shoot with decent battery life, great controls, good picture quality, and about $280 in price.

    On a slightly different note, the Olympus “Tough” and SW/WP series are waterproof and shockproof (and freezeproof). The 550WP is about $180 right now. My daughter has a similar model and loves it. Take it in the pool!


  • I have yet to find a point-and-shoot that has a quick recovery time (that sounds dirty!). I hated our Nikon; it was even slower than the Canon it replaced. You know, the one that poor Dave lost in Vegas.

    We absoutely LOVE our new Fujifilm. It’s a cross between an SLR and a point-and-shoot (can’t change lenses, but the range is such that you really don’t need to, amazing picture quality). It can’t fit in your purse or anything, but it’s super. My Dad (camera guy) recommended it to us (he has the previous generation) and we just adore it.


  • I LOVE my Olympus ‘tough’ as Derek calls it. The SW series. It does take a wee bit of time between photos. I hesitated due to the lithium battery that you need to travel with the charger, but really I don’t need to charge it often. I would say it lasts through about five days of snowboarding and I use it ALOT on the mountains. So no more sucking the life out of AA batteries (cause you need to carry that charger with you anyway, you may as well bring the camera charger instead). Also it’s small enough for your clubbing purse, snowboard jacket, etc…. Highly recommended – both the cheap and expensive versions.
    PS. Sounds like you could use a shockproof camera 🙂 the expensive version (not sure if they still have it) could supposedly withstand being run over by a truck or something :).


  • That sucks… I cracked the screen on my cell phone once (fell on it while skiing) and had to replace it, despite everything else working fine. And my chunky CyberShot camera is literally held together with tape and elastic bands after a 2 mm piece of plastic that holds the battery compartment closed broke off. No-one does electronics repairs any more…


  • Thanks for all the recommendations! I definitely want something that can fit in my purse. And shockproof and waterproof sound good! I’m pretty sure that SLR is way beyond my mad point-and-shoot skillz anyway, so fitting in purse or ski jacket and not breaking meets my criteria.


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