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I Need A New RMT

I have a really good registered massage therapist, but she’s just not that into me.

Massage ... by Ourania2005 ❤on a break-driving lessons.For a while now, I’ve been going to an RMT in Kitsalano that I really quite like. Unfortunately, I can’t get an appointment with her in the evenings or on the weekends.  Apparently, she has “regulars” who book up all her evening and weekend spots.  Every last spot.  This wasn’t a big problem for me when I worked in Vancouver – I could pop over there on my lunch or I could shift my workday an hour earlier and get an afternoon spot. But now that I work waaaaaaaaay out in Surrey, I can’t get back into Vancouver before 5 p.m. – and all the post-5 p.m. spots are perma-filled.  Every last spot.  The only way to get one of those spots is to be on the “on call” list – if  a regular cancels, then you may be graced with a phone call saying “if you can come in this evening, you may have a massage.”  There’s no guarantees of if or when such a phone call maybe received.  This is just not sufficient for my therapeutic massage needs.

Anyone have any recommendations?  Preferrably somewhere in the Kits-ish area and somewhere that charges the going rate of ~$80/hr (which is what my insurance will cover).

Image credit: Posted on Flickr by Ourania2005 ❤on a break-driving lessons

4 Responses to I Need A New RMT

  1. Karen says:

    I like Everest Therapeutics because they have an online self-booking system, which satisfies my Type A need to choose the best possible available time and therapist. 🙂 They're downtown, though.

    The RMT I saw last time I went to Everest was Suzette Pleau:

    Highly recommended! Especially if you are getting massage therapy for anything sports-related – she is an accomplished athlete herself ans knows her stuff.

  2. If you lived closer, Gunther could give you back massages while you sleep. As he has in the past.

  3. drbethsnow says:

    Cat massages are the best!

  4. drbethsnow says:

    Another friend recommended them – they must be good. But there isn't much parking around there, is there?

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