Obligatory MJ Posting

I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t blog about the passing of Michael Jackson whose memorial service yesterday is, according to Wikipedia, “being estimated as the largest gathering for a deceased person in world history”.  Whatever you may think of him as a person, you have to admit that he was an extraordinarily talented signer and a phenomenal dancer.

And so I give you this link: The Eternal Moonwalk – a site where people from all over the world do, or attempt to do, the moonwalk.  Some of them are quite good, most of them are just people walking backwards (there’s more to doing the moonwalk than just walking backwards, people!) and my favourite of which was #1015.  Seriously, type 1015 into the search bar at the bottom of that page to check it out.  And type the letter “S” right before the second lady in that one gets to the end of the screen.  Trust me, it’s good times.

And secondly, did you know that Michael Jackson’s ghost was caught on camera? By CNN, no less! CNN would not lie to you.

The music just proves that it’s true.

Also, I was listening to the most recent This American Life on the way home from work yesterday and noticed that the title of each of the parts of show was a Michael Jackson song title. Nice touch.

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