Random Stuff About Driving

  • I have callouses on my hands from driving.  Seriously.  I guess my tender little hands aren’t used to all the friction I’m now getting from holding onto my steering wheel for ~1.5 hr every day.  Oh, those heady days of being a bus girl.  So, does anyone know where I can buy some driving gloves? 😉
  • There are a *lot* of yellow Smart cars in town – I seem them *everywhere*.  Either that or there is just one guy who owns a yellow Smart car and he’s following me.  Either way, it looks like a bumblebee.
  • Apparently today was national don’t-use-your-signal day.  At least I’m assuming it was because no one was using their friggin’ signals while changing lanes or turning today. No one.
  • Hey, guy in the left lane who drives at 10 km below the speed limit.  I hate you.