#17 – OK, I can’t believe I forgot to blog about this!

So yesterday I got home after work and noticed an odd noise in my apartment.  I seemed like *a lot* of water running really fast.  My first thought was “didn’t the landlords already water the grass on the past two days in a row? Why are they watering it again?”  And then I realized it was awfully loud to be the hose running in the backyard.  “Maybe it’s the neighbours watering their lawn and it’s closer to my side window?” I thought. But no, that doesn’t make any sense.

At this point I should remind you that I live in a basement. I think you can see where this is going.

Water was gushing – and I do mean gushing – from the water heater.  Which is, you know, in a little enclosed area between my kitchen and my living room!  Water was just pouring out of the top of the heater in all directions!  It must have *just* started before I got home because there was only a small puddle at this point and I managed to turn the water off and run upstairs to tell my landlords.  The neighbour was chatting in the backyard with them, so he came down to look at it (as my landlords are older and it’s getting hard for them to get down the stairs – plus the landlord had fallen and banged up his knee pretty bad a few days earlier so he isn’t able to do much more than sit in his chair and keep an ice pack on his knee at the moment).  And it turns out that the tank was pretty rusted and had basically just disintegrated at the top, so that the water was jetting out where the tank integrity was lost.  I was thankful it hadn’t rusted through at the bottom, because then the entire tankful of water would have flooded my apartment!  Anyway, the water to the tank is now shut off and hopefully a new tank will be arriving soon.

And is it bad that one of the first things I thought about while all this was happening was: “well, at least it will make for an interesting blog posting!”

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