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#49 – The End!

Hey, remember that time, 48 blog posts ago, when I thought it would be a good idea to blog for 24 hours straight?  That was good times.

Here’s me a fewof hours ago at Workspace, blogging about the important issues of the day:

IMGP0050 by you.

Props to all the bloggers who wrote all day and all night to raise money and awareness for a wide variety of great causes.

Props to all the people who supported us – through guest postings and the bringing of foodstuffs and company and music and commenting!  Me loves the commenting!

And props, of course, to everyone who donated today. It’s why we all did this.

And now I go to sleep!


8 Responses to #49 – The End!

  1. Congratulations, Beth! You rock. Enjoy the well deserved sleep!

  2. touchyoulast says:


    That's totally amazing that you pulled this off. And all legitimate posts too, never “OMG, this coffee is delicious!” posted on Sunday, July 25th at 4:00 pm and filed under OMG, Delicious, Coffee.

    Thanks! We've been entertained like crazy over here! Feel free to do this again whenever you want.

  3. Dan says:

    Congrats Dr. Beth. Most awesome blogs!

  4. Way to go! And like Dave said, it was 49 full posts, which is an incredible feat. Go, sleep the day away – you've earned it!

  5. drbethsnow says:

    Damn, why didn't I think of OMG, “this coffee is delicious!” I'm so using that one next time!

  6. drbethsnow says:

    Thanks, Rebecca! I slept the sleep of the just!

  7. drbethsnow says:

    Thanks! And thanks for all the comments and support!

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