Procrastination Doesn’t Pay

Two years ago, I registered for the Royal Victoria half marathon, but training – not so much and so I ended up with an injured foot.

This year, I’ve been training for the Royal Victoria half marathon, but registering – not so much.  And now, despite it being almost a month away, they are *sold out*!

I didn’t even know that could happen! Whenever you register for a marathon, there is always a list of prices based on the date on which you register: “Register by July 15” = $65, “Register by Sept 15” = $75, “Register between Sept 15 and race day” = $85.  Which, you know, kind of implies that you can still register up until the day of.  Apparently not.  When I went onto their website to register today1 or I could register for the 8 km2, but not the half3.

So why didn’t I register earlier, you ask? In my typical procrastination fashion4, I was sort of afraid to register in case I was a bit fat failure in the training department5.  So now6, I’m contemplating doing the Seattle marathon in late November instead. But I’m choked that I can’t do the Victoria half – I was really looking forward to it!

So let this be a lesson to you, children. Winners don’t procrastinate!

  1. as I’d put it into my calendar that today was the deadline to not have to pay the more expensive late registration fee), a taunting “half marathon sold out” greeted me.   I could register for the full marathon if I wanted ((I dont’ []
  2. I might []
  3. for which I’ve been training []
  4. there will be a long-winded, naval-gazing-y posting coming on this topic… where I get around to it []
  5. especially after I found out that my training buddy, Alicia, is preggers and can’t run the half with me. Alicia motivated me to get out and do the training for the Vancouver half – we scheduled our long runs together every week and that always made sure I got out there. I wasn’t actually sure I’d do it on my own []
  6. and by “now” I mean as of about 3 minutes ago, when I Googled it []

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