Some Quick Facts About Daycare in Canada

I recently came across this report on Early childhood education and care in Canada 20081 and was checking out their quick facts sheet2: 1.274,000

  • Regulated childcare spaces in Canada: 867,194
  • Kids age 0-5 year for whom there was a regulated child care space: 20.3%
  • Child care spaces that were for-profit: 25%
  • Median income for full-time, full-year child care centre staff (2006  data): $25,100
  • Also, the median monthly cost of having an infant in daycare in BC is listed as $765.  This seems low to me, knowing how much some people actually spend on day care.  The report doesn’t seem to have this information for all the provinces, which seems like something that would have been relevant for a report on daycare.

    Out of curiosity, for any of my readers who have kids in daycare (or are looking to put their kids in daycare), how much does it cost you?

    1. since everyone I know seems to have babies all of the sudden, it’s a topic that I’m kind of interested in []
    2. it’s like having Coles Notes for the report. W00t!).  Some of those quick facts:

      • Kids age 0-5 years whose moms work ((of course, there wasn’t too much information on dads. Even though lots of dads provide great care for their kids, it’s still thought of as primarily a woman’s responsibility []

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