Meet Bellatrix

So. iPhone. I gots me one.  And I named her Bellatrix:

Me and Bellatrix

Telus started selling iPhones yesterday, but their system crashed so they couldn’t *actually* sell the damn things.  Also, I had to throw a fit and threaten to jump ship to Rogers or Bell because Telus didn’t want to give me the promo price on the phone (i.e., they wanted me to pay $899 instead of $299 for the phone) because I was 25 days shy of being within 6 months of the end of my conferencecontract.  As if.  And the Telus “loyalty” rep was all, “It’s just 25 days you have to wait,” and I was all, “Yeah, it’s just 25 days, so you can waive it!”  I may have even had to pull out the old “”Well, who does have the authority to do this? I want to talk to them.”  As the old saying goes, the squeaky wheel gets the iPhone and so I walked out of the store with Bellatrix in my hot little hands this morning.

Now, you may be wondering why the name “Bellatrix.”  I’ve been trying to come up with a good name for the last week or so, and my thought process kinda went like this: my old phone was named Hermione (from Harry Potter), and my iPod is Marla (from Fight Club, character played by Helena Bonham Carter).  Put these two together and what you do you get: Bellatrix Lestrange!  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have more iPhone apps to download!

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  • You're just 25 days away from your conference ending, huh? I think you might be an academic.

    That's a great etymology for your iPhone's name.

    "The squeaky wheel gets the iPhone." — destined to be a classic line.

    I love that you threatened them by assaulting their purported authority (or lack thereof). I'll have to remember that approach.

    It's now nearly 6am here, so I figure it might be good to go to bed.

    BTW, please tell your website to stop taking over mine. 😛


  • I am so proud of you for standing up to evil Telus… Sure they have cute animals in their ads but that is just a ploy to try and fool you into thinking they are nice. When most likely they touch those animals inappropriately or charge them a food access fee. And you look all coy with Bellatrix, very sweet.


  • Are there any wireless carriers more or less evil than others? Doesn't seem so. Once I get in contact with Telus customer loyalty, we'll see what they offer me.


    • Yeah, I think the cell phone companies are all evil – I know people who've had trouble with each of them. Which is why I ultimately stayed with Telus – I dislike them, but don't think the others will be any better.

      If the customer loyalty person refuses to give you the promo price on the iPhone, ask to speak to the person above them. It worked for me (though I did have less time on my contract that you do on yours). Good luck – I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get it!


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