iPhone’s Voice Control is Psychic

Today’s blog posting will have to be short one as I’m trying to get some marking done.  And I may have spent all of last night playing with iPhone apps.  So my quick blog posting will be, not surprisingly, about my iPhone1.

The new Voice Control. It rocks. by Adrià Fontcuberta.

The iPhone has a feature called “Voice Control” – you push a button to put the phone in voice control mode and then you can speak to the phone to tell it what you want to do:

  • “Play songs by Madonna” will turn on the iPod function of your phone, a voice will say, “Playing songs by Madonna”  and then start playing songs by Madonna from your music library.
  • “Call Tod” will cause the phone to look up Tod’s phone number in your contact list, saying “Calling Tod” and then it dials his number.
  • “What song is playing?” will get the phone to tell you the name and artist of the song that is currently playing.

As I was playing around with it last night, I said, just for fun, “Go make me a cup of tea,” to which it replied, “No match found.” Then I tried, “Go fuck yourself.” To which is replied, “Calling [insert name of person I don’t really like by whose number I happen to have in my contact list].”

Guess I shouldn’t have downloaded that “make your iPhone psychic” app.

Image Credit: Posted by Adrià Fontcuberta on Flickr.

  1. did I mention that I love my iPhone?  I think from now on I’ll just sign my paycheques over to Steve Jobs directly []

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