TV Shows

Over on Kalev’s secret blog1, he discusses all the TV shows he’s current watching.  And since we are now 25 days into this NaBloPoMo thing2, I’m not above stealing ideas for blog postings paying homage to another blog posting.

So here’s what I’m watching these days:

  • FlashForward – Love, love, love this show.  I love how virtually every episode gives you at least one total mindfuck 3 and I *hate* having to wait a WHOLE WEEK to see each next episode.  Also – dying to know what the deal is with the kangaroo.
  • V – I love, love, loved V when I was a kid, so when I heard they were doing a remake, I knew I *had* to watch it.  So far I’ve enjoyed it, although it has come off as somewhat cheeseball and very predictable and why does the woman who plays Anna have such a weird face?  Also, Scott Wolf (who plays Chad Decker) looks a lot like Michael J. Fox.
  • 30 Rock – The funniest show on television.  Seriously, the punchlines have punchlines.  And that Canadian football joke still has me laughing weeks later!
  • The Office – Not quite as funny as previous seasons, but still makes me laugh.
  • Dragon’s Den – My mom was telling me about this show for years before I ever saw it, and then I saw an episode and finally understood what all the fuss was about.  Very entertaining.  The American version, Shark Tank, which features two of the Canadian “dragons” who pretend they are Americans4 isn’t nearly as good.
  • Intervention/Obsessed/Hoarders – I know that some people feel these shows are exploitative, but I feel that they do a respectful job of showing what cruel diseases addiction and obsessive-compulsive disorder really are.
  • Parking Wars – This show follows around people who work in parking authorities ticketing, towing and/or booting cars. I so would not want that job.
  • ‘Til Debt Do Us Part – This show drives me nuts because I just cannot fathom how anyone could (a) spend more money than they bring bring in every month and (b) have no idea how much money they are spending.
  • Family Guy – What can I say, I love non sequiturs.
  • Big Love – Now, I shouldn’t really say I “watch” this show, as I’ve seen a grand total of 2 episodes. But I felt the need to mention it here because in those two episodes I saw that the girl who plays Mac in Veronica Mars is in it.  Later, when I was talking to Sarah, who introduced me to the awesomeness that is VM, she pointed out that so is the girl who plays Lilly Kane in Veronica Mars – and she has a bigger role on BL than Mac does, but I totally had not clued in that it was her!5

And that’s pretty much it.  I would like to point out that of the 22 shows Kalev has on his list, we only have an overlap of one show, Flashforward, and we appear to disagree completely about it6

  1. ok, technically it’s a former secret blog.  And he said I could link to his blog, so it’s not even trying to be a secret blog anymore.  But he was totally holding out on me on this whole blog thing at first, so I’m calling it his secret blog!! []
  2. or NaPoBlowMe, as Kris calls it []
  3. except that one episode where pretty much nothing happened – what was up with that? []
  4. Seriously. There was this one episode in which one of the Canadian dragons said, “When my family immigrated to this country…” and I was all :O []
  5. I’m terrible for recognizing actors from one role to another.  I’ll be all “hmm, this person seems vaguely familiar…” – which is what I thought of the Lilly Kane actress on BL, but I totally do not clue in to who it is.  Case in point, I spent the entire first episode of FlashForward saying, “Gawd, Olivia Benford looks sooo familiar,” but it wasn’t until after the show when I looked it up that I discovered that she’s Penelope Widmore from Lost – and I freaking love Lost! []
  6. I love it and love Dominic Monaghan, whereas Kalev thinks it is “spinning its wheels” and hates DM!! []