O Christmas Tree – Now With Photos!

By special request, here are some photos of my Christmas tree!

I like that fact that it is skinny – most Christmas trees are much wider, but a skinny tree is a definite plus in a Vancouver-sized apartment!  Notice that the star on the top touches the ceiling (and to even get the star onto the tree required bending down the top branch of the tree!) – I couldn’t have a taller tree if I tried!

I seem to have far fewer ornaments than I remember, which means either there is a box of ornaments around somewhere that I haven’t looked or they were an unintended causality of the Great Purge of ‘061. But I do want to share with you a few of my favs that were in the box of ornaments that I was able to find.

Baking with my mom and sister2 was a big part of my childhood, so this is probably my favourite ornament.  It’s a gingerbread girl who is baking gingerbread cookies – so meta! – and I got her in 19883 from my parents4.

This Garfield has sat on the branch of my Christmas trees for as far back as I can remember:

Like virtually every other biological sciences undergrad, I thought I was going to be an MD when I grew up – hence this ornament that my sister gave me in 19945:

Another gift from my sister was this Hop on Pop ornament, from the Dr. Seuss classic of the same name.  I loved that book when I was a kid because it featured two kids (which I equated to my sister and me) and a daddy with a big belly (which I equated to my dad).  I can’t remember what year my sis gave me this one, but it was recent!

Note that the photos don’t really do my tree justice- you’ll have to come over to see it to really have an appreciation for it!

  1. To fill it out a bit, I bought the blue glass ball ornaments and the beaded garland. []
  2. and, at Christmas time, my Aunt Wendy []
  3. the year is written on her apron, which you can’t see in this photo []
  4. my sister got an identical ornament and so mine has a sticker on it to be able to tell whose was whose.  Because for some reason that matter to us when we were 11 and 13 []
  5. which would have put me in grade 12 []

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