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Canadian Money Queen on the 20 Vancouver BC by GoodNCrazy.Hey, remember when I said that one of my goals for 2010 is “hit a net worth of $0“?  Turns out I actually did that in the last few days of 2009.

I’ve been tracking my net worth since May using a handy dandy spreadsheet that I got from Sarah.  Thanks to my crushing student loan debt, my net worth has been in the negative for my entire adult life.  But now that I’ve been paying those suckers off for a bit more than 2.5 years, as well as working a big girl job where I make enough money to actually have such things as RRSPs, savings and even a pension, my net worth started becoming less and less negative.  At the end of November, my net worth hit -$5,677, so when I wrote my 2010 goals I knew that I’d be able to cross over into the land of positivity in 2010.  And then, sooner than I’d expected, a cheque arrived for a contract I’d done and *poof* – net worth zero (and beyond) achieved!


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  • Way to go Beth! I bet most students dream of having their student loans paid that quickly after finishing.


    • Oh gosh, the student loans aren't nearly paid off! I've still got $50,000 to go and that's going to take another FIVE years to pay off! It's just that my assets (such as my RRSPs, pension, TFSA and other savings) offset the debt to make my net worth zero. So, in theory if I took every penny I had, I could pay them off, but I can't actually cash out my pension (nor would I) and cashing out my RRSPs would be crazy too. It's just nice to know that *in theory* I could!


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