Hockey Day in Canada

Tomorrow is Hockey Day in Canada, the day that features a triple header of games featuring all Canadian teams on CBC.  This year’s matchups:

  • Montreal vs. Ottawa
  • Vancouver vs. Toronto
  • Edmonton vs. Calgary

Given the Canucks vs. Maple Leafs match-up, my dad and I have our customary bet – when the Leafs lose, my dad has to buy me a lottery ticket.  In theory, if the Canucks lost – which, of course, would never happen – I’d have to buy him a lottery ticket.

Game on, Dad. Game on.

5 Replies to “Hockey Day in Canada”

  1. Way to go Andrew Raycroft who, as the announcers were delighted to point out, beat the Leafs while still on the Leafs payroll! It was a good game to watch … sure wish Toronto would get an NHL team before Hamilton does.

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