Olympic Tickets!

I picked up my Olympic tickets today!

Women’s hockey and men’s sledge hockey.  Stoked!

I had to go downtown to pick them up and downtown is really looking spiffy these days.  My personal fav is this building with the giant Canadian flag on it:

Also, I saw these dudes from Russia walking down Granville:

Oh yeah, and I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here, but I also have a ticket to go see a dress rehearsal of the Opening Ceremonies on Monday!  I’m probably more excited about that than anything!  My friend Kim’s husband is in the show and everyone in the show got tickets to the dress rehearsals for their family/friends.  So Kim and I are going to see what people are paying thousands of dollars to see, but we get to see it for free and four days earlier!

Let the games begin!

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  • Out of curiousity, why didn't your tickets get delivered to your home?

    We're undergoing a massive runaround because we changed addresses between the time we ordered the tickets and now. It's been a total fiasco, and involves us standing in line for a couple of hours on Feb. 10 or so.


    • I didn't get them delivered because I'm never home and didn't know if they'd actually leave them at my place or if it would be one of those things where I'd have to go get them at some totally out of the way location. Also, did it cost money to have them delivered? I can't remember, but if it did than my cheapness would have played a role (insofar as one can be cheap when paying a few hundred dollars for tickets).


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