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Olympic Torch

Honestly, this city is transformed.  There’s an electricity in the air. People are smiling and laughing and *talking to strangers*!  Vancouver is not generally a city where people talk to strangers.  Vancouver is a fairly social place, but people tend to socialize with those people they know and not so much with the talking to people they don’t know.  But in the past few days, I’ve noticed a lot of total strangers around the city talking to each other.  “Are you going to any events?” “Where are you from?” and “OMG, where did you get that hat!!  It’s SO AWESOME!!”1.  We’ve heard a lot about people who are anti-Olympics in the time leading up to these Olympics2 and not much in the way of support. But now that the Opening Ceremonies are just a day away, the supporters are coming out in droves.

This was Cambie Street today at about 2 p.m.:

And this is about 40 minutes BEFORE the flame is scheduled to arrive.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much red and so many maple leaves in such a small area as I did today!

And here’s the big moment!

I made this video clip for my niece – seeing all the kids so excited about the torch going by made me really wish she were here3.

For the record, here’s a video of the Olympic flame for Vancouver 2010 being lit in Greece back on October 22, 2009:

Pretty amazing to think of the amount of time this flame has been burning and all the distance that it’s covered!

  1. That last one may have been me when I saw five people with hats shaped like maple leaves today []
  2. and I’m not discounting them.  There are a lot of good reasons to be ticked off – e.g., cost overruns,people being told they have to take signs down from their own windows []
  3. even more than my usual “I wish she were here!” []


People Will Take ANYTHING That’s Free on Craig’s List

Remember a while ago when I posted my furniture to the Decor Hell contest because it’s so damn ugly?  Guess what went like hotcakes when I posted as “free for the taking” on Craig’s List yesterday morning?

As I prepare for The Great Move of 2010, I’ve made the decision to have a grown up apartment.  As in, not one that’s furnished with a mish mash of furniture that is older than I am.  And having an actual bed, not just a mattress on the floor.  As I mentioned the other day, my former landlady said I could have any of the furniture in my place that I wanted and while I am bringing the kitchen furniture with me to the new place, I decided against the horrible, horrible 1970s living room stuff. The land lady said she doesn’t want the furniture and she doesn’t have the energy to deal with it (she’s dealing with her own move at the end of this month as well as her husband being in hospital, so I don’t blame her for not having the energy to deal with it!).  So I decided to see if I could get rid of the furniture for her.  One less thing for her to deal with.  Plus, it keeps stuff out of the landfill and I’m all for that.  One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, right?

My friend Rachel moved recently and said that she was easily able to get rid of stuff she didn’t want by posting it as “free for the taking” on Craig’s List.  “People Will Take ANYTHING That’s Free on Craig’s List!” she said.   Her suggestion was to say a date and time and tell people that it’s first-come, first-served, rather than having to deal with emails and arranging to meet people.  Unfortunately, I’m not really at my place this week, so I decided to post and have people email and see what happened.

And really, who could resist an ad like this:

One orange couch.
Two orange chairs.
Two lamps (one lamp shade is a bit beat up, but you could probably glue it)
Two wooden end tables.

Free for the taking! You can take any or all of it. Email to set up time to pick up.

I posted my ad at 6:41 a.m., just before I left for work, and by 7:04 a.m. the emails started rolling in.  I received:

  • 5 requests for my ugly lamps (one of which has a slightly busted lamp shade)
  • 11 requests for my end tables
  • 18 requests for my ugly chairs

The couch has proven more of a challenge.  One person said he wanted everything, but when I told him that the only thing left was the couch, he said, “Nah, I mostly wanted the end tables.”  And another person has just now emailed to say she wants the couch and chairs, so I’ve emailed to tell her that I only have the couch left.  So we’ll just have to see what happens there.  If that falls through, anyone interested in a hideous 30+ year old couch?