Does This Wool Sweater Make Me Look Like a Prostitute?

So I was in Langley for a meeting today and since I was there a bit early, I decided to walk down the street to the 7/11 for a diet Pepsi. As I’m walking down the street, there’s a guy trying to get into a pawn shop, but it appears to be closed. As he turns to leave, he sees me, smiles creepily, and says, “Are you looking for some company?”  I’ve seen enough Hollywood movies to know what he’s getting at.  My reaction: laughter, followed by “Uh, no.” And then more laughter.  And then I tweeted it.

‘cuz seriously, do I really look like a prostitute?


I mean, I know my boots are hot and all, but I’m wearing a totally respectable work dress1 and a freaking wool sweater!  Do Langley prostitutes typically wear wool sweaters and walk down major streets at 2 in the afternoon?

To top it all off, after I acquired my diet Pepsi and headed back to the office where I was having my meeting, three people came up to me and asked “Do you smoke weed?”  Because apparently I also look like a pot dealer. W. T. F.?

  1. in fact, I purposely chose this dress because earlier in the day I was at an event where I knew the Directors and Executive Director were going to be and so I made a point of wearing what I thought was one of my more professional looking dresses. Apparently I had mistaken what kind of a “professional” I was going to look like []