Steve Jobs Has Unforsaken Me. Wait, is that a word? Maybe, Steve Jobs Has Saken Me.

thumbs up

Remember how back in January I was bitching that I Steve Jobs had forsaken me as evidenced by the fact that I couldn’t use my iTunes gift card to buy iPhone apps because I’m in Canada?   Well, guess what, boys and girls??  That little issue has now be rectified1!

So the $50 iTunes gift card that I got for Christmas has now been reduced to:

itunes gift card

And I’m sure you are dying to know what app I purchased with this newfound wealth of iPhone app-buying potential.  Well, of late I’ve been hemming and hawing over whether or not to spend the whopping $1.99 plus tax for the 100 pushups app. Because I’ve been meaning to attempt the 100 pushups program again. And it seems like that would be easier if I had an app to remind me of how many pushups I need to do each day and time my rest breaks for me, rather than having a piece of paper that I constantly lose and then I have to go to their website and look up the amount of pushups and have to time my own rest breaks like a sucker.  Also, it keeps a log of your pushups and makes a graph. A graph, people!  How is a girl supposed to resist a graph?  But on the other hand, that’s $2!  Anyway, this is basically the argument that I’ve been having with myself for the last week or so, so when I heard that I can now buy apps with that gift card that’s been burning a virtual hole in my virtual pocket, the decision was made!  I think I’ll stay my 100 pushups quest on the weekend!

Image Credit: Since Dave thought it was hilarious that I went to Flickr for the “thumbs down” photo that I used on my previous post about this, I decided to defend my honour by taking a “thumbs up” photo of my own for this one. But now that I look at it I realize that my nail polish is quite chipped and I appear to have a cut on my finger that I had no knowledge of up until this point and also now that I’ve been examining this photo for so long I feel like my hand is grotesquely misshapen, with a ginormous thumb.  Way to go, Dave

  1. props to Kalev for bringing this to my attention []