1/2 way to 1001

OK, so I’m actually slight more than halfway to the 1001 days alluded to in the blog posting “101 in 1001 for my 1000th post.” Halfway was actually a day and half ago – it’s been 502 days since I published my list of 101 things I intended to do in the subsequent 1001 days.  So I figured now was as good a time as any to see how I’m doing.

And… I’m not doing so well, actually. I’ve only managed to accomplish 22 of the 101 things, even though I’m halfway through! Yikes!  Since my last update, which was in December, I’ve only managed to accomplish 4 items!

If you’d like to know the nitty gritty, I’ve been keeping notes on items on the original list.  But if you, you know, have somewhat of a life and don’t want to bore yourself with my ramblings, I’ll just provide some of my thoughts on some of the items here:

2. leave the continent – I was hoping to get to go to a conference in Prague in the fall, but there is currently a ban on international travel for my work (oh the curse of being fiscally responsible!), so leaving the continent on someone else’s dime looks unlikely.  However, I would manage to achieve #2 if I also went for:

32. visit Macchu Picchu – Trying to convince my sister that this would be a good vacation location!

3. live above ground – This was something I considered in my recent having to move out of my basement apartment, but my cheapness fiscally responsible nature won out and I’m still an underground dweller1.

38. participate in the “365 Day Challenge”. I really better get a move on this one.  I only have 499 days left to try!

71. find out my credit rating. I need your advice on this one – I’ve obtained a copy of my credit report from Equifax (and have ordered one from Transunion that I’m still waiting for). But I’m wondering if I really need get the credit report, which costs money.  Any thoughts?

86. write a blog posting about the Car Co-op – I kind of got unmotivated to do this one after I bought my own car, but I could do a comparison of the costs of owning vs. using the C0-op in both my old situation (where I only used it for driving to hockey) and my new situation (as a commuter).

95. bake at least one thing per month for 12 months in a row, without baking the same thing two months in a row – I started this one, but then missed a month. I think I should put together a bit of a plan to keep myself on track.  If you have any suggestions of interesting things I could bake, have at ‘er in the comments!

97. make homemade vegetarian marshmallows – Now that I have a spacious kitchen, I really should invite a couple of my friends (with whom I discussed doing this) over for a veggie marshmallow making extravaganza!

98. go on a polar bear swim – Yikes, I only have one possible New Year’s on which to do this in the next 499 days.  Anyone wanna take a dip in the ocean with me on Jan 1, 2011?

101. publish a blog posting for each of the next 1001 days! [Note: this one is now impossible, given that I have missed some days of blogging, but I’m going to try to see if I can at least get 1001 blog postings in during this 1001 period, as some days I post more than one posting.] As soon as I click “publish” on this post, I’ll have published 486 postings in these 502 days.  So not great, but certainly doable to have a total of 1001 postings in the 1001 days. Just a matter of making the time to get all the ideas that pop into my head to actually see the light of day.

Ones that should be relatively easy to do, if I just got off my butt and did them:

18, 19, 20 – Skiing at Whistler, Big White, and Grouse Mountain.  It’s actually embarrassing that I haven’t managed to do these yet!

21. try snowboarding – Seriously, how have I not done this yet?

53, 54, 55 – visit Galiano Island, Salt Spring Island, and Bowen Island. I think I need some tourists to come and visit me, because this is totally the type of thing you’d do with tourists.

31. read something by Salman Rushdie.

34. read The Last Spike.

I should probably knock off a few of the easy ones in order to get some momentum going.  Hmm, where have I heard that before?

  1. not unlike the C.H.U.D. Except for the cannibalism part []