Running in Kananaskis

So, I decided to go out for a little run today.  This was the path I decided to run along:


Not too bad of scenery to have as the backdrop to my run, eh?  And as I was lost in thoughts such as “I wonder what world leaders have gone for a run along this very same path?” and “How can I make $1 zillion so that I can afford to come here all the time?”, I ran around a bend to discover this little beauty:


Not something I typically see on my runs in Vancouver!

I continued along this path, but it turned out to be shorter than I had wanted for a run, so I doubled back along the path until I came to the Terrace Trail, a hiking trail through the bush, and ran along it for a while.  It was pretty hilly and rocky, so I had to be careful not to trip or go over on my ankle, which is totally the kind of thing I would do this close to race day.  As I headed back up the Terrace Trail, a coyote ran right across my path!  I wasn’t able to get my camera out quick enough to take a photo of him – he ran deep into the trees and then turned back to check me out. I noticed that there was another coyote in there, but the two of them ran off, leaving me photoless!  I continued on my way and then came upon two more deer!


Or possibly that’s the same deer who had just relocated and found a friend. I don’t know how you tell deer apart, to be quite honest. But unlike the coyotes, they seemed perfectly content to stick around while I took their photos.

Also, I think my runs would be a lot faster if I didn’t stop to take so many pictures!

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  • Lovely blog, Beth – with great photos. Made me remember living in Shawnigan when deer were almost-daily visitors to my yard. One winter, one had his nose on my sliding glass back door! Talk about friendly. 😉 What a lovely place for a run — and no rain! 😉


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  • Wow! I cannot believe they have paved the paths in Kananaskis country! When I was a kid it was pretty wild. We did a lot of backpacking up and over many of those mountains. One day we climbed Fortress Mountain where they have the ski hill (if it is still there). We did many backpacking trips as kids. I hated every minute of it as I don’t like to get dirty and I get sunstroke in about 5 minutes. If you want to see some truly beautiful scenery take a trip into the backcountry. I am glad you had a good time.

    One more note – it is not a good thing that the deer are that habituated to humans…but they are beautiful nonetheless. Be happy you did not run into a bear – they are hungry right now…LOL


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  • Hotel? What hotel? No, there were no hotels in Kananaskis country when we were kids. There is an RV/Campground on the way that was a bit high end. We used to stay at the campground a little further down the road without showers and then sneak showers at the other one. We were very bad! We justified by buying stuff in their store. I am sure it has changed a great deal. You would love the back country though!


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