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This T-Shirt Simultaneously Exists and Does Not Exist

Today I was wearing my Schrödinger’s Cat1 t-shirt:

Schrodinger's Cat is DeadSchrodinger's Cat is Not Dead

Which somehow lead to me finding this hilariousness, which I totally needed to share with you:

schrödinger's cat II: the revenge Cartoon Credit: Posted by Jason Sweeney on Flickr.

  1. if you are unfamiliar with Schrödinger’s and his cat-related thought experiment, read this []

3 Responses to This T-Shirt Simultaneously Exists and Does Not Exist

  1. extragoode says:

    I love that shirt! I read the Wikipedia article even though I was somewhat familiar with the concept. I’d always heard the gunpowder version. I didn’t realize the original version used poison, which I’d expect to poison the observer once he did his observing.

    Also, the existence of a sequel would deterministically mean that Schrödinger’s cat survived the first experiment.

  2. Beth says:

    Unless it was the illegitimate love child of Schrodinger’s cat, back for revenge (or not) on Schrodinger for putting its mommy or daddy cat into a box with poison!

  3. extragoode says:

    I didn’t think about it being a different cat. Shame on me for not thinking outside the box!

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