This T-Shirt Simultaneously Exists and Does Not Exist

Today I was wearing my Schrödinger’s Cat1 t-shirt:

Schrodinger's Cat is DeadSchrodinger's Cat is Not Dead

Which somehow lead to me finding this hilariousness, which I totally needed to share with you:

schrödinger's cat II: the revenge Cartoon Credit: Posted by Jason Sweeney on Flickr.

  1. if you are unfamiliar with Schrödinger’s and his cat-related thought experiment, read this []

3 Replies to “This T-Shirt Simultaneously Exists and Does Not Exist”

  1. I love that shirt! I read the Wikipedia article even though I was somewhat familiar with the concept. I’d always heard the gunpowder version. I didn’t realize the original version used poison, which I’d expect to poison the observer once he did his observing.

    Also, the existence of a sequel would deterministically mean that Schrödinger’s cat survived the first experiment.

  2. Unless it was the illegitimate love child of Schrodinger’s cat, back for revenge (or not) on Schrodinger for putting its mommy or daddy cat into a box with poison!

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