Homemade Granola

In my quest to bake things I’ve never baked before, I decided to try my hand at making granola (plus, I’d run out of granola).  I found a recipe from the internets, though I replaced the pecans and walnuts (which I don’t really like) with peanuts and coconut, and I threw in some flaxseeds too.  Oh yeah, and I also didn’t add the raisins.  It actually turned out pretty tasty:

Homemade granola

As an added bonus, I tried a bit with a few chocolate chips added – pretty awesome!

Making this granola got me to wondering what the heck the difference is between muesli and granola – so I Googled it and discovered that muesli is a mix of oats, nuts, grains, etc., and granola is the same kind of stuff mixed up but then toasted with a sugary syrupy goodness to make it toasty and crunchy. Mmmm, surgary syrupy toasty goodness.

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  1. Well, I should clarify that I actually do like fresh walnuts, but the walnuts you buy in the grocery store that are already shelled are almost always rancid and disgusting. And I totally didn’t want to have to have to shell a bunch of walnuts. Pecans, however, I’m just not into them.

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